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  During the stage of launching the CryptoPuppiesLand plattform, everyone is able to take part in it and contribute to a CryptoPuppies Land Treasury a  reservation deposit to obtain a CryptoPuppies of IPB (Initial Puppies Breed) after its releasing.

The exact date of releasing CryptoPuppies will be announced in end of April-May 2018.  But the target date of releasing and distributing is May 2018.




After the release date, all the "Order Book" contributors will be able to choose any of the Initial Breed CryptoPuppies in any amount up to the value of contributed deposit, as well as any Accessoires of the First Issue.
Spending of contributed deposit for purchases will not be time limited and all the contributors will guaranteedly be able to get their IPB creatures any time later. Thus, one doesn`t have to spend his/her deposit for IPB i-Puppies immediately after date of official release.  


The CryptoPuppies of IPB and Accessoires of the First Issue will never be reissued after and can only be purchased or exchanged from their holders, who are the "Order Book" contributors.
These Puppies will be a sources of unique initial genomes for new generations and their rarest customizations.
All new breeds  will be able only via exchange for the first ones or by breeding with them.   



All contributions made by any acceptable cryptocurrencies are written in blockchain - its a kind of "Order Book"  - and will be a matter for following CryptoPuppies and accessories of first issue distribution. The more you contribute with "Order Book" - the more CryptoPuppies and its accessories of first initial issue you will be able to purchase using these funds after launching. 


  All the wallets from wich contributions were made will be given with i-PUPPY token (its value will be equal to 1 ETH -  so it will be the same numerical amount that you contributed as deposit). Contributors who uses other than ETH crypto will have to create an account on cryptopuppies.land, create own ETH wallet, proceed a verification procedure  and after that they will be given i-PUPPY tokens to make use their rights for purchasing IPB)

  The Puppies from Initial Breed will be able for purchasing after the official release date only for these i-PUPPY tokens.  

After distribution initial CryptoPuppies for tokens their following breeds and variations can be bought on Marketplace as P2P deals (CryptoPuppies Land Tax Agency will charge a duty 5% of transactions).




The price for each Initial CryptoPuppy will be equal to 0,01 ETH.

The price for each Accessory will be equal to 0,01 ETH.

You will be able to make purchases for all amount of crypto you contributed as deposit.



  30%   till    
March 23, 2018   
  25% till    
May 23, 2018   

 Your deposit will be added with bonus
in accordance with date of contribution written in blockchain. 

CryptoPuppies Land Treasury 


Here you can contribute with ETHHere you can contribute with ETH

"Order book" in ETH:

 0xc972FeAD7aa7c878643Add724ad772c1b0246C1bClearified by clearify.io and ICO Alert

you can contribute there any amount of ETH (min 0,01ETH) wich you wish to spend on CryptoPuppies after start of sales.



"Order book" in BTC:


you can contribute there any amount of BTC (min 0,0011 BTC) wich you wish to spend on CryptoPuppies after start of sales.

These who contributes in BTC should be prepared to verification of their accounts later, after launching  accounts feature, by sending any tiny transaction from the same wallet that they contribute now.