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Our Marketplace is coming soon : )

Here also will be held the continuous CryptoPuppies Beauty Contests.

After distribution initial CryptoPuppies their folowing breeds and variations can be bought on Marketplace as P2P deals (CryptoPuppies Land Tax Agency will charge a duty 5% of transactions)


Every CryptoPuppy from any limited issue, except IPB (Initial Puppies Breed), can be purchased with ETH crypto via our Marketplace.

The iPuppies from IPB available for purchase only while IPBO
(Initial Puppies Breed Offer) via "Order Book".


 The "Order Book" is already open for contributions now! 

And its a way to purchase it at initial issuing price and with %% Bonus.


All issues of any CryptoPuppies and accessories is limited with durations of issuances but not initially limited in amount.


Now you have an opportunity to become an owner, PuppyLord, of the unique initial genomes, wich are peculiar for iPuppies from IPB only.  

That's time to fulfill YourPuppiesWallet with best CryptoPuppies!

CryptoPuppies Land VERSALITY:

Some of Ordinary: 

Corgy IPBCorgy IPB

Mops IPBMops IPB


Ovy 1 CryptoPuppyOvy 1 CryptoPuppy

York CryptoPuppyYork CryptoPuppy

Rotwy CryptoPuppyRotwy CryptoPuppy

BullDog CryptoPuppyBullDog CryptoPuppy

Some of Yuppie Style Squad in CryptoPuppies Land:


Some of Philipp Plein addicted iPuppies from CryptoPuppies Land:

Some of Viking Squad:

Some of them in RoboSuit and Cyber Suit:

Poodel in RoboSuitPoodel in RoboSuit

Husky in RoboSuitHusky in RoboSuit

Corgy in RoboSuit
Corgy in RoboSuit

Busset in RoboSuitBusset in RoboSuit

Bordoss in RoboSuitBordoss in RoboSuit

York in RoboSuitYork in RoboSuit

Dolmy in RoboSuitDolmy in RoboSuit

BullDog in RoboSuitBullDog in RoboSuit

Ovy 2 in RoboSuitOvy 2 in RoboSuit

Chihuahua in RoboSuitChihuahua in RoboSuit

York in CyberSuitYork in CyberSuit

Rotwy in CyberSuitRotwy in CyberSuit

Poodel in CyberSuitPoodel in CyberSuit

Ovy 1 in CyberSuitOvy 1 in CyberSuit

Mops in CyberSuitMops in CyberSuit

Husky in CyberSuitHusky in CyberSuit

Dolmy in CyberSuitDolmy in CyberSuit

Chihuahua in CyberSuitChihuahua in CyberSuit

BullDog in CyberSuitBullDog in CyberSuit

Some of them are World Of Tanks fan gamers:









Bordoss Dog-WorldOfTanks-GamerBordoss Dog-WorldOfTanks-Gamer




BullTerry WorldOfTanksBullTerry WorldOfTanks


Some them Rasta and wearing HomeSuits:

CryptoPuppies York RastaCryptoPuppies York Rasta

CryptoPuppies Rotwy RastaCryptoPuppies Rotwy Rasta

CryptoPuppy Poodel RastaCryptoPuppy Poodel Rasta

CryptoPuppy Ovy2 RastaCryptoPuppy Ovy2 Rasta

CryptoPuppy Ovy1 RastaCryptoPuppy Ovy1 Rasta

CryptoPuppy Mops RastaCryptoPuppy Mops Rasta

Some of SuperHeroes from CryptoPuppies Land:

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies SuperHeroCryptoPuppies SuperHero

CryptoPuppies Wearing Kimono

BullTerry in KimonoBullTerry in Kimono

Rotwy in KimonoRotwy in Kimono

Poodel in Kimono
Poodel in Kimono

Husky in KimonoHusky in Kimono

Dolmy in KimonoDolmy in Kimono

Mops in KimonoMops in Kimono

Ovy 2 in KimonoOvy 2 in Kimono

Ovy 1 in KimonoOvy 1 in Kimono

Corgy in KimonoCorgy in Kimono

Busset in Kimono
Busset in Kimono

Bordosso in KimonoBordosso in KimonoMops in Kimono
Mops in Kimono York in KimonoYork in Kimono

A Pirate squad of CryptoPuppies from CryptoPuppies Land:








Husky PirateHusky Pirate








Some of them are Doctors:

CryptoPuppy DoctorCryptoPuppy Doctor






Dolmy DocDolmy Doc

Bordoss DocBordoss Doc






They are even wear Death Suits on Hallowen eve:

York in DeathSuitYork in DeathSuit

Shitsu in DeathSuitShitsu in DeathSuit

Rotwy in DeathSuitRotwy in DeathSuit

Poodel  in DeathSuitPoodel in DeathSuit

Ovy Kind in DeathSuitOvy Kind in DeathSuit

Ovy 1 in DeathSuitOvy 1 in DeathSuit

Mops in DeathSuitMops in DeathSuit

Husky in DeathSuitHusky in DeathSuit

Dolmy in DeathSuitDolmy in DeathSuit

Corgy in DeathSuitCorgy in DeathSuit

Chihuahua in DeathSuitChihuahua in DeathSuit

Busset in DeathSuitBusset in DeathSuit

BullTerry in DeathSuitBullTerry in DeathSuit

BullDog in DeathSuitBullDog in DeathSuit

Bordossy in DeathSuitBordossy in DeathSuit


Zorro Suit CryptoPuppies:

York in Zorro's SuitYork in Zorro's Suit

ShiTsu in Zorro's SuitShiTsu in Zorro's Suit

Rotwy in Zorro's SuitRotwy in Zorro's Suit

Poodel in Zorro's SuitPoodel in Zorro's Suit

Ovy Kind in Zorro's SuitOvy Kind in Zorro's Suit

Ovy 1  in Zorro's SuitOvy 1 in Zorro's Suit

Mops in Zorro's SuitMops in Zorro's Suit

Husky in Zorro's SuitHusky in Zorro's Suit

Dolmy in Zorro's SuitDolmy in Zorro's Suit

Corgy in Zorro's SuitCorgy in Zorro's Suit

Chihuahua in Zorro's SuitChihuahua in Zorro's Suit

Busset in Zorro's SuitBusset in Zorro's Suit

BullTerry in Zorro's SuitBullTerry in Zorro's Suit

BullDog in Zorro's SuitBullDog in Zorro's Suit

Bordossy in Zorro's SuitBordossy in Zorro's Suit

The SportsPuppies from CryptoPuppies Land:

York SportsPuppyYork SportsPuppy

Rotwy SportsPuppyRotwy SportsPuppy

Ovy Kind SportsPuppyOvy Kind SportsPuppy

Ovy 1  SportsPuppyOvy 1 SportsPuppy

Husky SportsPuppyHusky SportsPuppy

Dolmy SportsPuppyDolmy SportsPuppy

Bordossy SportsPuppyBordossy SportsPuppy

Corgy SportsPuppyCorgy SportsPuppy

Chihuahua SportsPuppyChihuahua SportsPuppy

Busset  SportsPuppyBusset SportsPuppy

BullTerry SportsPuppyBullTerry SportsPuppy

BullDog SportsPuppyBullDog SportsPuppy

The Fitness CryptoPuppies:

York Fitness CryptoPuppyYork Fitness CryptoPuppy

ShiTsu Fitness CryptoPuppyShiTsu Fitness CryptoPuppy

Rotwy Fitness CryptoPuppyRotwy Fitness CryptoPuppy

Poodel  Fitness CryptoPuppyPoodel Fitness CryptoPuppy

Ovy Kind  Fitness CryptoPuppyOvy Kind Fitness CryptoPuppy

Ovy 1 Fitness CryptoPuppyOvy 1 Fitness CryptoPuppy

Mops Fitness CryptoPuppyMops Fitness CryptoPuppy

Husky Fitness CryptoPuppyHusky Fitness CryptoPuppy

Dolmy Fitness CryptoPuppyDolmy Fitness CryptoPuppy

Bordoss Fitness CryptoPuppyBordoss Fitness CryptoPuppy

Corgy Fitness CryptoPuppyCorgy Fitness CryptoPuppy

Chihuahua Fitness CryptoPuppyChihuahua Fitness CryptoPuppy

BullTerry FitPuppyBullTerry FitPuppy

BullDog FitPuppyBullDog FitPuppy

And many others to be added