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(Initial Puppies Breed)


This is a selection of a unique i-Puppies wich created initially in CryptoPuppies Land.

They are a carriers of its unique INITIAL GENOMES.

They are issued only once in the course of the CryptoPuppies Land creation.

Further they will be a most desired for collectors and for breeders.



Ovy Brown - CryptoPuppy from initial breedOvy Brown - CryptoPuppy from initial breed  Ovy Brown IPB
Ovy Kind - CryptoPuppy of Initial BreedOvy Kind - CryptoPuppy of Initial Breed  Ovy Kind IPB
Rotwy Kind - CryptoPuppy of First BreedRotwy Kind - CryptoPuppy of First Breed  Rotwy Kind IPB
Dolmy in Fun - CryptoPuppy of Initial BreedDolmy in Fun - CryptoPuppy of Initial Breed  Dolmy Fun IPB
 Chihuahua Pacific - CryptoPuppy from Initial BreedChihuahua Pacific - CryptoPuppy from Initial Breed  Chihuahua Pacific IPB

Husky  IPBHusky IPB


 Husky IPB


More coming soon!