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Distribution of the iPuppies of the IPB
(Initial Puppies Breed) will be held soon.

Don't be late to get at the origins of the new global breakthrough Crypto Game! 

CryptoPuppies Land welcomes you!CryptoPuppies Land welcomes you!

CryptoPuppies Beauty Contests!

Be the holder of most valued CryptoPuppies in YourPuppiesWallet!

Welcome to CryptoPuppies Land!

Woof! Helloof!   We are the initial breed of CryptoPuppies (also known as iPuppies) and we are here to describe you the uniqueness of our CryptoPuppies Land. 


In the depth of Blockchain world the virtual land is founded. The land of unique virtual creatures. This land is already inhabited by lots of awesome CryptoPuppies.


We lead a very interesting and colourful life. We are to:

- be always well-groomed;

- participate in CryptoPuppies Beauty Contests and get a voted grade;

- ask a Master (PuppyHolder) for tasty food;

- communicate with each other and get recent news of CPL;

- run various sports;

- go to study;

- and dozens of other activities.

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 Join our world! 

Start collecting, breeding your unique iPuppies and make your Puppies be winers of the CryptoPuppies Beauty Contests!


The community will vote and make grades of popularity of CryptoPuppies which will become the highest in price.


Become a holder of the first genomes for the next game players.
And join the community of CryptoPuppyHolders!


Technical utilization of iPuppies and CryptoPuppies Land (CPL).

The CryptoPuppies Land is building within Ethereum platform.

The blockchain and Ethereum platform in particlular enables to create a new virtual worlds governed by smart-contracts. These worlds are most transparent.  In CPL you can buy available iPuppies,  develop them with multiplicity of  accessories, breed  them. So you can create your unique i-Puppy and  be a sovereign holder of it.

Every CryptoPuppy with its array of attributes is placed in a blockchain. Also such attribute as "Ownership" can be easily viewed by Etherscan or by specially developed MyPuppyWallet client.


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